The IGOR GULYAEV Fashion House show at the 39th Moscow International Film Festival at the Russian Silhouette evening
April 22 at the Zurab Tsereteli art Gallery in the 40th Moscow international film festival held a Grand fashion show Charity Fund "Russian Silhouette" with the support of the Ministry of industry and trade. His collection was presented by designer Igor Gulyaev, the hallmark of which, first of all, were luxurious furs. Exceptional perfectionism can be traced throughout the work of the master: from the search for fresh creative ideas and the choice of the best materials to the strictest control over the quality of their performance. Each collection of the brand, whether it is elegant evening dresses, magic wedding dresses or fur – an event that I look forward to and experts in the fashion industry, as well as art lovers. Guests of the festival, along with its President Nikita Mikhalkov and President of the Charity Fund "Russian Silhouette" Tatyana Mikhalkova plunged into the world of revived fantasy incredibly popular designer. Igor Gulyaev clothing adorns the curtains of world celebrities - Ornella Mutti, Montserrat Caballe, Lara Fabian, Goldie hawn, as well as many Russian stars – Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Nikolai Baskov, Elena Vaenga, Lera Kudryavtseva, Yana Rudkovskaya and many others. In dresses from Igor Gulyaev stars appear on the most important social events. In the framework of the 40th international festival "Russian Silhouette" provides Igor Gulyaev new opportunity – to combine two passions: fashion and cinema, turning the catwalk into a live Studio where a starring actress and star of show business: Anastasia Stotskaya, Anna Mikhailovskaya, Tatyana Drobysh, Alyona Yakovleva, Natalia Antonova, Ekaterina Kabak, Elvira Bolgova, Anna Cozychic, Lydia Aref'eva and others.