"Hunting Season"
On October 17, at 21:00, the premiere show of the «Hunting Season» collection by designer Igor Gulyaev will take place. The show will solemnly complete the «Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia». Fashion house IGOR GULYAEV announces the opening of "Hunting Season". A focus on steep trends and cheeky tendencies, stylish images and bright details, exquisite chic and screaming hype. Let's hunt for fashion and adventure, make your world bright, different, beautiful and interesting. Refined variations on the theme of “predatory” prints unexpectedly break into the spring-summer season of 2019 thanks to the new collection of the Fashion House IGOR GULYAEV. The designer boldly dismantles all the stereotypes of the “predatory” theme and decorates light dresses with stylized wild patterns. The combination of airy silhouettes, pastel shades and animal prints looks elegant and exotic. Fantasy will create a lot of variations on the theme of the master. Perhaps the couturier wanted to remind us that it is the femininity and tenderness that can curb the stern man’s heart? Or did he plan to tell the world an honest story about love for felines?