Показ коллекции бренда Игорь Гуляев осень-зима 2020/2021«FREEDOM»
“Uniqueness” is our first rule, “Comfort and functionality” is our second rule, and “Lack of any rules” is the main rule that guided us when creating the new “IGOR GULYAEV STREET WEAR” line. Have you been to New York, London, or, perhaps, Beijing? Then you know what “street style” means. Or, maybe, you haven’t been there. Then let’s talk briefly about it, or we’d better show it clearly! Surely you are subscribed to popular bloggers and world celebrities on social networks and you often see them wearing “home” oversized clothes and unlace boots with their hair in braids. Do you think they have no knowledge of fashion? On the contrary, this is a trend strongly established within the minds of young people. #StylishFashionYoung - in one word! In everyday life, we choose comfortable and beautiful things suitable for our high-speed lifestyle which won’t be restrictive to movements of our hands and feet, won’t limit our freedom and potential. The choice of “street style” clothes implies that its owner has good taste and style and primarily focuses on comfort, practicality, his/her mood and personality, and for special occasions there is always an elegant costume or dress. IGOR GULYAEV has understanding of the trends of modern youth, foresees the needs, offers clothes that make persons stand out from the crowd and can help you to create your own unique style. Denim, oversized clothes, bright prints and accessories of our new collections are free from any signs of snobbery or pathos; such things allow owners to see everything with humor and healthy self-irony. You will feel true comfort and freedom if you choose clothes of IGOR GULYAEV collection - anytime and anywhere! The new fall-winter 2020-2021 season collection will be presented on April, 5 at 8.15 p.m. for the first time in online format.